Your Guide to Seeing La Jolla Cove’s Iconic Seals and Sea Lions

Here is your complete guide to seeing La Jolla Cove’s Iconic Seals and Sea Lions.  San Diego is filled with so many different tourist and local spots.  As a San Diegan, I can tell you that you will never get bored here. Though we are a tourist destination, I want to highlight La Jolla Cove in this blog post because it’s one of the places I get asked most on my social media.



La Jolla Cove


If you come to San Diego and you do not go to La Jolla Cove, you will be so disappointed to know that you missed it. Why? Because it is your firsthand, National Geographic, non-zoo experience of real live Pacific Harbor Seals and California Sea Lions.  No joke.  You can be up, close, and personal, though I would recommend against getting too close to them.



sea lion beach footprints sand


Do not feed them or get too close.  They can get aggressive.


These iconic mammals are scattered throughout our shoreline but are heavily populated right in La Jolla Cove.  Do not be fooled though.  Though they look cute and cuddly, they can get aggressive and therefore, it is best not to get up close to them.  In the video below, I actually captured one snapping at a tourist trying to come up behind her.  Also, please keep in mind at all times that you are not allowed to feed them per regulations.



Early morning is best if you want to secure a parking spot.


The best way to get here is by good ole Google Maps. Make sure to park on Coast Blvd for the best parking. They usually have a 2-to-3-hour time limit.  If you cannot find parking on Coast Blvd, there are side roads that also have parking spots.  Try to get there early morning if you really want to secure a parking spot on Coast Blvd, otherwise you will be one of dozens of cars fighting for a parking spot. To get here, just put “La Jolla Cove” into your GPS/Maps and it will lead you straight to where you want to be.


And if you do end up visiting, please make sure to tag me if you’re on Instagram! I’m @realdenisewilliams, in case you aren’t already following me.  I can’t wait to see all your pictures and videos!!


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